IMG_0832Teachers utilize the school’s resources to enhance academic excellence. By integrating STEM curriculum for grades pre-K through eight, the school has created a platform for advanced science and technology studies. In recent years St Ferdinand has revamped its science and math curriculum school wide. Programs currently prepare students to perform successfully in high school. New text books and materials are purchased to support these advanced programs. Math courses include algebra; the science program offers a full lab experience for grades 3-7 as well as lab biology for eight graders.

Science is for everyone. PreK 4 finds a lot of fun in it too 🙂 During STEM classes they learn:

Topic – Airport


Physics: How planes stay in the air (children will use large motor skills to mimic airplane motion)?
How machines “see’ into suitcases (children will use clear box to mimic x-ray machine)?
Weather: children will check the weather every morning to observe changing weather conditions and make decisions about safe flights
Safety: students will discover importance of security


Students will make a baggage conveyor belts using table and table cover
Students will prepare passports, boarding passes and luggage tags.
Engineering: Students will create airplane using tables and chairs, they will design build a cockpit
Collaboration and problem solving: students will discuss roles and expectations for all workers and travelers


Numbers– counting workers, passengers, luggage

Size and measurement– students will create a check out point for all the luggage (measuring if it fits and how heavy it is, and will decide where it should go: luggage dock or with passengers)

Money– students will sell tickets