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The St. Ferdinand Parish School Board authority is derived from the policies of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese. The local parish is in integral part of the School Board’s foundation and it drives the mission to provide an environment conducive to a quality education. At the curriculum’s core is the emphasis for children to develop not only as Catholics but also as strong individuals.

The School Board’s mission includes developing policies that are complementary to the school’s philosophy and enable the school to reach its goals. The pastor collaborates with the Board in the selection of the principal and in developing and approving the school budget. The School Board also represents the school’s constituency.

School parents are invited to join the board, and are encouraged to volunteer to assist committees. This volunteer opportunity is one more way to demonstrate our commitment and support to our children.

School Board meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 7:45PM on the school premises. All parents and parishioners are encouraged to attend. An agenda is followed; therefore issues to be presented may be submitted in writing to the board president through the school office at least one week prior to the meeting. The concern will be addressed as determined by the Board. This means it may be raised at the meeting or it may be directed to another source for handling. The originator will be notified of the status of their issue.

The School Board retains jurisdiction over issues regarding recommending the school budget, tuition, and school policies. Board members are available to address questions or concerns. The School Board is not involved in the conflict management process. The Principal’s Office retains authority over these and other issues.

The St. Ferdinand Parish School Board publishes its policies annually for the parent body both in this handbook as well as online.

Please come to School Board meetings each month. We want your help. When parents become involved in their children’s education, they become more comfortable in the school building, gain confidence in their parenting skills, and feel more capable of helping their children learn. You are a vital member of our school family.


More information regarding a school board other school authorities is available in our SFS Handbook