Our religion curriculum concentrates around 10 main goals

Creed – Understand, believe and proclaim The Triune God as revealed in the signs of creation, Sacred Scripture, Catholic Tradition, and human experience. 

Sacraments – Understand and participate in the sacraments of the Church as efficacious signs of God’s grace, instituted by the Christ and entrusted to the Church.

Christian living Understand and live the moral teachings of the Church through a life discipleship in Jesus Christ expressed in love for God, conversion, the dignity of human person, positive self-image, personal integrity, social justice, and the love of neighbor.

Sacred Scripture –  Read, comprehend and articulate salvation history as conveyed in God’s revelation through the signs of scripture. 

Liturgy – Understand and celebrate the liturgical rites of the Church as expressed in the Church Year and epitomized in the Eucharist the source and summit of Christian Life.

Christian Prayer and Spirituality – Understand and express the different forms of prayer consciously recognizing the work of the Holy Spirit and the meaning of self – surrender to God.

Catholic Church Understand and appreciate the mystery of the Church, the Body of Christ, the community of believers as expressed in the Church’s origin, mission of evangelization, hierarchical structure, marks, charism, members and the communion of saints.  

Parish Life – Understand and participate in the life of the Church as lived in the parish through its community, cultural aspects, worship, sacramental life, service, missionary endavors and organization. 

Vocation – Understand and undertake discipleship in Christ, responding in faith by participating in a mission of the Church through living a specific call in the life of the Church.

Ecumenism and Dialogue – Understand and participate in the call of the Church to be a sign of unity in the world through knowledge of and collaboration with Christian churches, Jews, Muslims and all faith traditions.