Athletics provide an opportunity for students to develop their talents and potential.  Athletics help students learn and experience coordination, physical activity, teamwork, individual skills, value of the common good, self-improvement, gracious winning and respectful losing, competing with self and with others, healthy exercises and diet, and rules and strategies of a sport.

The athletes, parents, and coaches strive to reflect the school’s philosophy and mission.  Intramural and interscholastic activities complement and enhance a school’s physical education program.  They are a natural extension of the school curriculum and provide all students with an opportunity to participate in sports activities.

No well-rounded curriculum is complete without athletics.  We love to enable our students to further develop their talents and potential.  Coordination, teamwork, common goals, self-improvement, respectful winning, and gracious losing are just some of the skills available to learn through a port.  Athletes, parents, and coaches are required to reflect the school’s philosophy and mission.

School-sponsored athletic programs are aligned with the school’s mission and philosophy.

Only students enrolled in the school may participate in school-sponsored athletic programs.

Volunteer opportunities include coaches, clock keepers, admissions, and concessions.  Helpers are ALWAYS welcome and count towards parent-service hours.

Student accident insurance is NOT available.  In order to participate in sports, proof of insurance must be presented at the time of signing up for each activity.

We need volunteer coaches in order to have teams.  Please contact the School Office for more information.

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