Enrichment Programs

St. Ferdinand School offers a variety of Enrichment Programs to develop and strengthen the talents of our students. These activities include:


  • Weekly story time for early childhood
  • Library classes start in Pre K 3
  • Over 15,000 books
  • 2-Tier Atrium Library
  • Reading Pit

Fine Arts

  • Weekly Art instruction starting in Pre K 3
  • Music classes with choral instruction starting in Pre K 3
  • School Performing Choir, Grades 2-8
  • School Handbell Choir, Grades 6-8


  • Weekly Spanish instruction starting in Pre K 3
  • Conversational skills are emphasized
  • Students gain an understanding of basic vocabularly
  • Various aspects of Spanish culture and history are taught
  • Homework and projects supplement learning
  • Learning Spanish helps prepare students for highschool
  • Students begin to develop a greater appreciation for different cultures


  • Technology plays a pivotal role in educating our students
  • iPads and Chromebooks are integrated into the everyday curriculum
  • Smartboards and a Computer Lab supplement learning
  • Weekly Technology Classes for Grades 6 / 7 / 8
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