Queen of Hearts

Join the fun and test your luck in our  Queen of Hearts Raffle!  We began this is 2020 … and then due to Covid, had to put the raffle on hold.  We finally had 1 winner who drew the Queen of Hearts in November of 2023 – and went home with $9,090!

We are resuming the Queen of Hearts Raffle in January 2024 with a starting Jackpot of $2,000.

Tickets are sold at The Nest Eatery & Bar or  at our school main office. Bi-Weekly drawings are held every 2 weeks at The Nest on Wednesdays (please call School for schedule).  Once Fish Fry season starts, drawings will be held Firday nights at the Fish Fry.  For the latest, follow our school’s Facebook Page

How it works: Buy a raffle ticket and indicate on that ticket which numbered playing card you’d like to select from our game board. Every week, we will draw one raffle ticket and then select that numbered card from our board. If it’s the Queen of Hearts, you get to take home half of our pot of cash! If not, the pot rolls over to the next week!  As a consolation prize, you will receive 3 tickets to the next week’s drawing.  If you uncover a Joker, you win $50 ($100 for the 2nd joker).  You need not be present at our drawings to win.  The raffle will benefit St. Ferdinand School.

Click Here for Official Rules

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